LIVE DEMO: Developing a Wearable Display for Surgeons

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Wednesday, December 4 1:10 PM - 1:40 PM

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Location: Booth 641

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Title: LIVE DEMO: Developing a Wearable Display for Surgeons


Cameras and screens have been used to augment surgeons' vision for years, enabling them to see magnified surgical sites for greater precision. But as helpful as on-screen technology can be, it can also be challenging ergonomically, as surgeons struggle to operate comfortably while moving around to look at the screens. Enter HMDmd. CEO John R Lyon and Senior Vice President Allen Newman worked closely with surgeons to develop a medical-grade head-mounted wearable display that uses 3D and high-resolution OLEDs to improve visualization and ergonomics for surgeons during surgery. Join John and Allen as they briefly go over their development journey, clinical utilization, and live demo.

Level: All

Type: Live Demo

Badge Type: Free Conference