KEYNOTE PANEL: Digital Health: Beyond the Worried Well

Event Time

Wednesday, December 4 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM

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Location: Booth 641

Event Information

Title: KEYNOTE PANEL: Digital Health: Beyond the Worried Well


Digital devices were initially concentrated in the consumer health and wellness market; however, in the last five years the digital space has turned its focus and investment to healthcare. From apps to wearables, digital health devices are taking over Silicon Valley and are set to change the future of healthcare. In this session, a premier panel of experts will engage in a comprehensive discussion of digital health devices for healthcare. Join them as they examine:

  • Digital Health device trends, challenges, and opportunities
  • Leading technologies that enable these devices
  • The FDA's Digital Health Initiative and Plan
  • A quick glance at the cybersecurity threat

Level: All

Type: Keynote Panel

Badge Type: Free Conference